6th and 7th Grade Skeletons – Day of the Dead

Students in the 6th and 7th grade art elective learned about the festive Mexican holiday Day of the Dead or “Dia de los Muertos”. They learned about the life sized playful paper mache’ skeletons that are often dressed to resemble particular people or characters and are paraded through town during fiestas. Working in pairs and groups of three, students used large pieces of butcher paper to create life sized skeleton characters.  They first sketched out their ideas, agreed upon a character, drew it out, painted it with tempera, and added details with marker.

IMG_1195           IMG_1196

       IMG_1197           IMG_1198                                    IMG_1199

IMG_1201           IMG_1207                  IMG_1208


IMG_1147          IMG_1161       IMG_1150



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