“Dance, Dance, Dance” Keith Haring inspired paintings

Fifth Graders viewed images and discussed the work of Keith Haring. The history of his career and his work as a social activist were discussed. While viewing some of his work we talked about the way that his figures cannot be identified as belonging to any particular race and how they are not male or female – but rather, they are “universal”. Students noticed the bright colors, the vibrant and energetic mood, and the way that most of the figures appeared to be in motion. They also noticed the way that Haring’s work is often outlined in black giving it a flat, graphic quality. I played several different musical tracks that were very “danceable” and asked students to create quick gesture drawings of one another dancing.  These sketches were the inspiration for compositions in the style of Keith Haring. The final drawings were traced in black marker and painted with bright tempera. The finished pieces are very full of movement and life.

IMG_1044              IMG_1047

IMG_1045              IMG_1046

IMG_1049               IMG_1062

IMG_1050        IMG_1048       IMG_1111

IMG_1063                     IMG_1051

IMG_1064                    IMG_1065


One thought on ““Dance, Dance, Dance” Keith Haring inspired paintings

  1. Not only did your students learn about the artist, but clearly , they got the take-home message of Haring. The joy to be found in life is evident in all their pieces . You must be so proud of them

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