Falling Back – Creative Self Portraits

IMG_0032                   IMG_0031         Seventh graders learned about foreshortening and about how objects that are closer to the viewer appear larger. They first drew the palms of their hands as realistically as they could – and they also drew their shoes — carefully drawing the details on the soles. They then received a refresher on how to draw the features of the face and were then asked to add their bodies — connecting them to the larger hands and feet. Students had the option of tracing their drawings with black Sharpie marker and they then used flesh colored crayons and colored pencil. They were encouraged to add shading to their final drawings, varying the lightness and darkness of the colored pencil, to add to the 3-D effect. Consideration was given to what they were falling into or onto for the background.

JULIAFEET                  IMG_1082              IMG_1083

IMG_1084                     IMG_1085             IMG_1086

IMG_1087                      IMG_1088                 IMG_1089

IMG_0034                         IMG_0033                 IMG_1102


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