Monet’s Waterlilies

IMG_0005                               IMG_0008

IMG_0006                              Third graders watched the short animated film “Linnea in Monet’s Garden”. The film was followed up with a discussion about Monet’s work and style. They looked at examples of paintings of the water lilies – all painted in different types of light. They learned how light can make subject matter look different at various times, for instance morning light versus evening light – the light of a sunny day versus a rainy day. Students created sketches of their own versions of a water lily pond complete with a Japanese bridge. They were urged to not only consider the shapes of the bridge and the lilies – but also to consider the foliage in the background. What would the trees and bushes and vines look like?

After sketching they made final drawings on watercolor paper. They learned about watercolor resist and used crayons to trace their drawings. They then learned about watercolor “wash” and were encouraged to use this technique on their paintings.


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