8th Grade “Extreme Close Up” Photography Project

Eighth grade digital photography students first learned about alternative points of view, extreme angles, the use of a limited depth of field, and the use of the “macro” (close up) setting on the camera. They were encouraged to use these techniques to create interesting close up photographs that were not reliant on subject matter to capture the viewers interest.  Nearly anything can become the subject of a captivating photograph. A water bottle, q-tips, bolts, gum balls, and butter can all be made to look mysterious and exciting when seen through the photographer’s lens. Even a crack in the sidewalk can turn into an intriguing image when the photographer zooms in, blurs the background, and takes the photograph from an unexpected vantage point.

Raindrops on Railing              An2

An1              Saleen1

Destiny2               Christina1

Destiny1                KiaraB1

JulieAnn1                                         gumball machine

Butter                apple

Best strawberry                                           guitar                      Brittany2

leaf                          Tatiana2

A1 003     Basketballedit

close up 040                     crack

Heart necklace.                   IMG_0061

key                 names

Plant                shoes

stem                 Stones

straw                 tree3

Turn in 1                 Turn in branch

TURN IN CloseUpStuffs                 Window


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